How To Add Facebook Like/Fan Box To Blogger

How To Add Facebook Like/Fan Box To Blogger? Facebook Fan Box is a great plugin that allows visitors who subscribe to your blog he will get updates via their Facebook accounts, without visiting your blog. After subscribing (Pressing like button) , They will receive your most recent blog updates on their Facebook page. Before creating a fan box you should already have a facebook fan page. If you haven't yet created, click here to learn how to create a facebook fan page.

1. Find out your Facebook Fan Page URL. To do that, just visit your Facebook Fan Page, and copy the url in the address bar.

2. Then visit this page:

3. Paste your url into the Facebook Page URL and click Get Code. You can see below screenshot:

4. Here, You'll be given two codes, titled HTML 5, XFBML and IFRAME. You only need the XFBML code. Copy the xfbml code which gets generated.

5. Now login to your Blogger account and go to Layout >> Click Add a Gadget Link and Add an HTML/JavaScript Gadget.

6.Paste the generated code as the Gadget’s Content. See screenshot.

7. Unchecked Expand Widget Templates Box and find out


8. and change it to and save Template.
<html xmlns:fb=""

You are done. Facebook comment box are successfully add to your blogger site.


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