Add Sliding Social Sharing Widget to Blogger Blog

Do you want to Add Sliding Social Sharing Widget to Blogger Blog. It is a excellent widget. It has a nice hover effect. You can link your Rss Feed, Facebook, Twitter and Google plus by this widget. Let go to see.


1. Login to your Blogger account.

2. Click on Dashboard >> Layout.

3. Click on Add a Gadget.

4. Select HTML/Javascript widget.

5. Paste the following code and Save.

.socialsharing a {
height:50px;width:50px;padding:0 4px;float:left;
background:transparent url( no-repeat;
-webkit-transition: ease-in 0.2s all;
-moz-transition: ease-in 0.2s all;
-o-transition: ease-in 0.2s all;
-ms-transition: ease-in 0.2s all;
transition: ease-in 0.2s all;
.socialsharing a.googleplus {
background-position: 0px -58px;
.socialsharing a.googleplus:hover {
background-position: 0px 0px;
.socialsharing a.twitter {
background-position: 0px -290px;
.socialsharing a.twitter:hover {
background-position: 0px -232px;
.socialsharing a.facebook {
background-position: 0px -406px;
.socialsharing a.facebook:hover {
background-position: 0px -348px;
.socialsharing a.rss {
background-position: 0px -174px;
.socialsharing a.rss:hover {
background-position: 0px -116px;
<br />
<div class="socialsharing">
<a class="rss" href="RSS Link" rel="external nofollow" target="_blank"></a>
<a class="googleplus" href="Google profile link" rel="external nofollow" target="_blank"></a>
<a class="facebook" href="Facebook page Link" rel="external nofollow" target="_blank"></a>
<a class="twitter" href="Twitter Link" rel="external nofollow" target="_blank"></a>

6. Replace with your URLs where highlight with red color text. You are Done.


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