Using Print to Establish Your Online Blog or Business

Printed marketing materials are used on a daily basis by hundreds of thousands of businesses and corporations around the globe, and with great success. But one area which often seems to forget about printed marketing is the online industry. Bloggers and online businesses alike tend to go straight for the digital marketing methods, rather than utilising print – this could be a big mistake.

Marketing with printed materials has a few great benefits over digital marketing, one of which is its cost effectiveness. You can print business cards for as little as around 10c per card, making them a very cheap way of advertising.

Like with any method of advertising, your advert needs to stand out from the rest in order to do its job properly. If it doesn’t stand out, and if it isn’t memorable, then people are not going to look at it, let alone follow it up by visiting your website. It can be hard to think of new and original ideas for your designs with so many out there already. I’ve collected a number of awesome designs to give you some inspiration for your own design projects. Whatever you’re designing, the examples below should certainly help to get your creative juices flowing freely!

Hopefully these materials have given you some ideas on how best to advertise your blog or online business through printed materials. As you can see from the designs, the way in which the information is presented on them, and the designs themselves, have more of a personal feel than a corporate one, and as their often advertising personal blogs, they include that bloggers social accounts too; Twitter, Facebook, Google + etc. So, remember to incorporate those points into your own designs. When it comes time to print your design, you’ll probably want to use an online printing company, as they tend to be cheaper and quicker than offline companies. There are companies like which allow you to print any type of marketing material online through their website. Whether you’ve chosen to go with business cards, or flyers, or brochures, or some other type of material, you’ll be able to get it printed with them, and at super high quality.

Author Bio: Nathan Daniels is a regular contributor of technology, creativity, design and print posts to this blog and other top blogs around the web. When he’s not blogging he enjoys keeping up to date on the latest in gadgets and technology, and travelling around Europe!


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